Full Moon in Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse Deepen Your Vibration Of Love


This Full Moon in Capricorn and Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019, 5:38 pm EST can feel dense and intense.

There’s a whole lot stirring the pot.

But no worries, Venus is at the helm.

Steering us back home to love.

Don’t get caught up in the drama.

Embody your truth.

Tend to your essence.

Presence it.

Steep in it.

This astrology is asking us to deepen our vibration of love.

Let’s dive in.

Deepen Your Vibration of Love

A Guided Embodied Astrology Meditation For Full Moon in Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse


I also wanted to share a practice that I use with my clients in my Jade Egg programs. It’s a simple and power way to land in your body and ground.

Wonderful medicine to deepen into your essence of love.

The Goddess Nidra aka Bone Breathing

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Altars altar us.

Creating an altar for the New and Full Moons are a great way to tune into, celebrate, and invoke the zodiacal magic at hand. Here are some ideas for this Full Moon where Venus is a major player.

Want to go deeper?

I view astrology as a healing art; a dynamic practice like yoga, to support you into deeper self knowledge, self love and to help you connect to who you are at the core.

My Goddess On a Mission Strategy Session is a 90- minute deep dive into the magic of you. Part astrology and part embodiment coaching, we'll take a look at the star map of your soul using a dynamic, empowering system of astrology.

You'll meet your personal Venus and other key players.

We’ll talk about your mission.

Your vision.

The Goddess you were born to be.

Check out the details below.


Meet Your Personal Venus

New Moon in Cancer/Total Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019; Unleashing the Primal Mother Within


New Moons are always a new beginning, a time to align with vision, plant seeds and set intentions.

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer combined with a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019, 3:16 pm ESTis a wide open window of potent opportunity to get in sync with the great wild primal mother within.

This Moon has a wild mama bear at the heart of it calling to the wild mama bear in you.



Staking claim.

Marking territory.

Fangs and claws.

Fierce AF. 

She’s taking a stand for you ( and every human’s) birthright to feel safe, to feel and express your full emotional range, to feel vulnerable, connected, interdependent, emotionally empowered.

Let’s dive in!


Guided Meditation for the New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse

PS: Here’s the link for Buti Yoga. The primal movement experience I mentioned in this episode.

Altar Inspiration

Creating an altar around the new and full moons to honor the energies at play can be a wonderful way to invoke the planetary power at hand and ignite it within.

Altars awaken our intuition and bring heaven down to earth in the spirit of celebration.

Below you’ll find some altar ideas to play with.

I find that the simplest altars are the best.


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Full Moon in Sagittarius; Tending the Fire of Mutable Truth


Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17, 2019 4:30am EST

This full moon has a strong, spicy element of fire in service to spirit.

A double espresso with a hit of cayenne.

A lot of opportunity for growth.

And a lot of opportunity for feeling like a hot mess.

This moon sets the stage for the Summer Solstice and upcoming eclipse season.

What you work with here is prep for that.

Take a deep breath.

Up your self care.

Trust the process.

It’s all steeped in love.

Let’s dive in.

Audio Blog for Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17, 2019

Hey there. I hope you enjoyed the audio blog. Here’s a link to a book I mentioned that I think you’ll love:

Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler

If you’re moved to go deeper, below you’ll find some altar ideas and a guided meditation for this full Moon.



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Altar Magic

Creating an altar around the new and full moons to honor the energies at play can be a wonderful way to invoke the planetary power at hand and ignite it within.

Altars awaken our intuition and bring heaven down to earth in the spirit of celebration.

Here are some ideas to spark your creative altar play for this full Moon.

Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation for Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17, 2019

Click below to tune in.

New Moon in Gemini; Refining Our Message

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The New Moon in Gemini on Monday, June 3, 6:01am EST offers an opportunity to refine.

When the Moon and Sun join forces in the New Moon window it’s an invitation to refresh, renew, plant new seeds. This New Moon in Gemini is all about sowing seeds to cultivate our voice; a call to tune in to the deeper message of what wants to be communicated through us.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger. Mercury, in our astrological birth chart represents how we think and communicate; what we’re meant to give voice to.

Mercury reminds us that the infinite variety of voices and intellectual styles have equal weight; each deserves a seat at the table; that communication is multifaceted, that listening is as much of an art as speaking.

Mercury is about the power of the word. Spoken and received. It’s about using language as art to inspire, as a tool for making change, making magic, creating beauty and connection, expanding our vision, caring for each other, deepening our devotion, for liberating ourselves and others and getting things done.

Mercury is the force behind our unique voice; how we cultivate it and how we use it. Mercury reminds us that our words have potency and to use them wisely.

Mercury rules the gates between worlds. Through its expression in the god, Hermes Mercury says: “As above so below. As within, so without.” Mercury offers us an invitation to co-create with the Universe and all life on Earth.

Every New Moon has its own unique flavor depending on the sign of the moon and its interaction with other planets. This New Moon in Gemini is going to be strongly infused with the energies of both watery Neptune and fiery Jupiter.

Neptune, the planet of dreams, visions, mystical ecstasy, our interrelatedness to all beings is inviting us to tune in to the deeper message of what wants to come through us.

Neptune asks us to defy the lie of separation; to dissolve certainty, to embrace our collective reality, to merge, to diffuse our awareness a bit, to let go of what we think we know so that a new vision can emerge.

Neptune asks us to loosen our grip on tightly held beliefs, to let go into the flow, to explore in the mists of not knowing.

To trust in the power of compassion.

To float in the sea of love.

Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm, curiosity, philosophy, and vision questing brings all of that to the mix.

Jupiter asks us to expand our vision of what we think is possible, take an eagle’s eye view of our circumstances and take the road less traveled.

Astrologer Caroline W Casey says of Jupiter: “We supplicate Jupiter through generous offerings and by praying, ‘Open my path before me and grant me the opportunity to be of maximum good in the world.’”

This New Moon is a great time to hit pause, go offline, breathe deeply, steep in nature, get curious and playful, cue some Van Morrison and step into the mystic.

I’m heading to the mountains.

But first I’m going to do a little spring cleaning.

This portal is also an ideal time to clean house on what blocks our voice and keeps us isolated; to purge any fear-based loops of limiting thoughts and negative beliefs so that we can actual hear and listen to what wants to come through.

I have a simple (often used!) ritual for that:

A biodegradable notebook is great for this.



Write them down. (the fears)

Read them aloud.

Burn them.

Offer the ashes to fresh running water.

Then play.

Go to the beach or climb a mountain.

Get expansive.

Breathe deeply and feel the wind on your skin.

Ask for a vision or a mantra.

Once received, give thanks.

Hold it in your heart.

Embody it.

Then, give it voice.

Why Venus?


Venus in astrology represents the sacred feminine essence that lives in every human.

Venus governs love, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, magic, music, art, culture, wealth, abundance, equal partnerships of all kinds, our solo and interpersonal erotic life and the erotic relationship we have with nature and so much more.

In other words, all things that allow us to flourish personally and collectively.

The ingredients we need to create our lives and communities as art.

To claim our sovereignty.

To make love, not war.

In the words of Caroline W. Casey, astrologer, storyteller and writer:

"Venus asks do we live in an economy or in a culture? If we live in a culture, what will we cultivate together?"

After more than 3,500 years of patriarchal, dominator- model, cultures where she's been dissed, hijacked, gagged, and bound, Venus, is on the move.

She wants her crown back.

And right on time.

What the world needs now is the Goddess of Love.

Venus lives in every human.

Venus is fluid and inclusive.

She wants to be expressed differently in all of us.

Venus goes way beyond the Botticelli interpretations. She has been known by many names; Isis, Astarte, Oshun, Yemaya, Xochiquetzal, Laka, Aine, Branwen, Rati, Inanna just to name a very scant few.

And she can express in infinite ways; warrior, priestess, shaman, mystic, courtesan, scholar, explorer, revolutionary, seductress, magician, protector, provider. And any combo of those.

Getting to know Venus in our astrological birth chart can help us to connect to what we're about at the core.

She speaks to what we most value and how we want to be honored.

She speaks to the essence of what we're meant to cultivate in ourselves and how we can embody that and become more powerful expressions of that in our world.

Your Venus essence is as unique as your fingerprint.

Custom designed, just for you.

By connecting with her, you invoke her.

And midlife is the perfect time to do just that.

How does Venus want to be honored and expressed in you?

What wants to be brought to the table?

What wants to be cultivated?

What does that look like in terms of elements and essence?

What other dynamic energies is she dancing with?

What are the challenges and traumas?

What needs to be integrated?

What needs to be alchemized?

What healing work do you need to support you in claiming your sexual and sensual sovereignty?

What if the Venus in you was fully activated?

Fully fed?

Shining brightly without apology?

How would you feel?

Who would you be?

What would you create?

These are the questions that light me up.

And give me hope.



If this resonates I have an offering that I know you’ll love.


Goddess on a Mission Strategy Session

Meet your personal Venus.

Full Moon in Scorpio; Sensation Over Story


If you've worked with me, you know that I use astrology in my work. I consider it a holistic healing art.

One of the best.

Right up there with breath work, movement, sounding, and orgasmic cultivation practices, astrology can offer new pathways.

An invitation to play at a higher octave.

An invitation to dive deeper into what wants healing.

An invitation to embody your essence, heighten your intuition, claim your inner authority, and to trust yourself. Astrology is about remembering who you are, why you're here, but perhaps most importantly, that you belong here.

There's so much I can say on that, but I want to go right into today's full Moon in Scorpio. May 18, 2019, 5:11pm EST. As it is a bit time sensitive:)

When the Moon is full, it illuminates.

And when we're talking Scorpio that can bring up a lot.

You may find yourself in wild, ecstatic celebration or deep in grief or rage.

Scorpio says, feel it all.

The energy of Scorpio is intense, it looks under the hood of what's really going on, it's the energy of erotic truth and empowerment.

Erotic in the expanded sense.


Our erotic relationship to ourselves, to others, to Earth.

Scorpio is about our deepest desires.

Our yearning to be who we are at the core.

Our raw need to love and be loved.

And I don't have to tell you that there can be a lot of distraction around that.

It's vital to remember that Scorpio is ultimately about empowerment.

Being a water sign that means empowerment through the feeling function.

Feel it to heal it.

And of course, we're in the season of Taurus, an Earth sign, all about embodiment, pleasure, cultivation, and stewardship and so much more.

A beautiful invite to get out in nature.

Your essence, joining with Earth essence.

What are the sensations?

When you hug a tree, can you feel it's aliveness?

The world around us is alive and craving connection.

And Venus.

After rocking hard badass style on her Aries world tour, she recently sauntered into the garden of Taurus.

However, this is not the usual chill garden party.

This time she's hanging out with Uranus, a whole different flavor of intense.

Uranus is like that live wire strange stranger you meet at the party.

The one with electric eyes.

Eyes that excite, jolt and maybe not just a little bit, alarm you.

Eyes that in a split second seem to see all of you.

Your blocks, where you hold back, where you contract, and without words, Uranus invites you to throw yourself into a new experiment with life.

Uranus is the change agent.


Radically in service to your freedom.

That's a lot to dance with.

So whatever is coming up for you, this full Moon, I invite you to create a container for it.

Create ritual.

Give yourself the time, privacy, and space to breathe deeply and feel it.

Don't try to figure out the why, just locate it in your body, breathe and feel it on the level of sensation.

Sensation over story.

Stay with the sensation, stay with the breath, and your genius body will work her magic.

I promise.

Then make love.

Celebrate pleasure in whatever form calls you.

With yourself.

With another or others.

With life.

Here's a practice to support you.

I call it Sensual Breath Work.

It's one of the simplest and most effective ways I've found to get out of my head and into my body.

I know you've heard it all before, but yes, breath is the fastest path to the realm of pleasure and sensuality.

It really is where the magic begins.

And it's always available and free!

Just click the link below and we’ll breathe together.

Sensual Breath Work Practice

Sending you so much love and pleasure!