Why Venus?


Venus in astrology represents the sacred feminine essence that lives in every human.

Venus governs love, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, magic, music, art, culture, wealth, abundance, equal partnerships of all kinds, our solo and interpersonal erotic life and the erotic relationship we have with nature and so much more.

In other words, all things that allow us to flourish personally and collectively.

The ingredients we need to create our lives and communities as art.

To claim our sovereignty.

To make love, not war.

In the words of Caroline W. Casey, astrologer, storyteller and writer:

"Venus asks do we live in an economy or in a culture? If we live in a culture, what will we cultivate together?"

After more than 3,500 years of patriarchal, dominator- model, cultures where she's been dissed, hijacked, gagged, and bound, Venus, is on the move.

She wants her crown back.

And right on time.

What the world needs now is the Goddess of Love.

Venus lives in every human.

Venus is fluid and inclusive.

She wants to be expressed differently in all of us.

Venus goes way beyond the Botticelli interpretations. She has been known by many names; Isis, Astarte, Oshun, Yemaya, Xochiquetzal, Laka, Aine, Branwen, Rati, Inanna just to name a very scant few.

And she can express in infinite ways; warrior, priestess, shaman, mystic, courtesan, scholar, explorer, revolutionary, seductress, magician, protector, provider. And any combo of those.

Getting to know Venus in our astrological birth chart can help us to connect to what we're about at the core.

She speaks to what we most value and how we want to be honored.

She speaks to the essence of what we're meant to cultivate in ourselves and how we can embody that and become more powerful expressions of that in our world.

Your Venus essence is as unique as your fingerprint.

Custom designed, just for you.

By connecting with her, you invoke her.

And midlife is the perfect time to do just that.

How does Venus want to be honored and expressed in you?

What wants to be brought to the table?

What wants to be cultivated?

What does that look like in terms of elements and essence?

What other dynamic energies is she dancing with?

What are the challenges and traumas?

What needs to be integrated?

What needs to be alchemized?

What healing work do you need to support you in claiming your sexual and sensual sovereignty?

What if the Venus in you was fully activated?

Fully fed?

Shining brightly without apology?

How would you feel?

Who would you be?

What would you create?

These are the questions that light me up.

And give me hope.



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