New Moon in Cancer/Total Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019; Unleashing the Primal Mother Within


New Moons are always a new beginning, a time to align with vision, plant seeds and set intentions.

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer combined with a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019, 3:16 pm ESTis a wide open window of potent opportunity to get in sync with the great wild primal mother within.

This Moon has a wild mama bear at the heart of it calling to the wild mama bear in you.



Staking claim.

Marking territory.

Fangs and claws.

Fierce AF. 

She’s taking a stand for you ( and every human’s) birthright to feel safe, to feel and express your full emotional range, to feel vulnerable, connected, interdependent, emotionally empowered.

Let’s dive in!


Guided Meditation for the New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse

PS: Here’s the link for Buti Yoga. The primal movement experience I mentioned in this episode.

Altar Inspiration

Creating an altar around the new and full moons to honor the energies at play can be a wonderful way to invoke the planetary power at hand and ignite it within.

Altars awaken our intuition and bring heaven down to earth in the spirit of celebration.

Below you’ll find some altar ideas to play with.

I find that the simplest altars are the best.


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