Full Moon in Sagittarius; Tending the Fire of Mutable Truth


Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17, 2019 4:30am EST

This full moon has a strong, spicy element of fire in service to spirit.

A double espresso with a hit of cayenne.

A lot of opportunity for growth.

And a lot of opportunity for feeling like a hot mess.

This moon sets the stage for the Summer Solstice and upcoming eclipse season.

What you work with here is prep for that.

Take a deep breath.

Up your self care.

Trust the process.

It’s all steeped in love.

Let’s dive in.

Audio Blog for Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17, 2019

Hey there. I hope you enjoyed the audio blog. Here’s a link to a book I mentioned that I think you’ll love:

Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler

If you’re moved to go deeper, below you’ll find some altar ideas and a guided meditation for this full Moon.



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Altar Magic

Creating an altar around the new and full moons to honor the energies at play can be a wonderful way to invoke the planetary power at hand and ignite it within.

Altars awaken our intuition and bring heaven down to earth in the spirit of celebration.

Here are some ideas to spark your creative altar play for this full Moon.

Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation for Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17, 2019

Click below to tune in.