Full Moon in Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse Deepen Your Vibration Of Love


This Full Moon in Capricorn and Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019, 5:38 pm EST can feel dense and intense.

There’s a whole lot stirring the pot.

But no worries, Venus is at the helm.

Steering us back home to love.

Don’t get caught up in the drama.

Embody your truth.

Tend to your essence.

Presence it.

Steep in it.

This astrology is asking us to deepen our vibration of love.

Let’s dive in.

Deepen Your Vibration of Love

A Guided Embodied Astrology Meditation For Full Moon in Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse


I also wanted to share a practice that I use with my clients in my Jade Egg programs. It’s a simple and power way to land in your body and ground.

Wonderful medicine to deepen into your essence of love.

The Goddess Nidra aka Bone Breathing

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Altars altar us.

Creating an altar for the New and Full Moons are a great way to tune into, celebrate, and invoke the zodiacal magic at hand. Here are some ideas for this Full Moon where Venus is a major player.

Want to go deeper?

I view astrology as a healing art; a dynamic practice like yoga, to support you into deeper self knowledge, self love and to help you connect to who you are at the core.

My Goddess On a Mission Strategy Session is a 90- minute deep dive into the magic of you. Part astrology and part embodiment coaching, we'll take a look at the star map of your soul using a dynamic, empowering system of astrology.

You'll meet your personal Venus and other key players.

We’ll talk about your mission.

Your vision.

The Goddess you were born to be.

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