Welcome to Module Two: Sacred Pleasure


Here you’ll find your guided audio practices for Module Two: Sacred Pleasure

The Jade Egg practice, like yoga, can be used in so many ways. The Sacred Pleasure Session is designed for the celebration and awakening of pleasure as a sacred healing art and to lovingly and gently address blocks we have to experiencing and receiving pleasure.

We are all biologically wired for pleasure and this session is an invitation to awaken, enhance, celebrate and revel in pleasure or to accept and bring consciousness to whatever is in the way of pleasure.

We focus on pleasure because it’s the ultimate holistic tonic and a powerful way to connect with the version of the sacred feminine you came here to embody and express. Filling up your system with pleasure rejuvenates you and sets the stage for deeper transformational work.

Pleasure comes in so many different forms; sensual, fun, lustful, wild, soft, gentle, nourishing,
electric, ecstatic, mystical, enlivening just to name a few. This session is an invitation to tune
into what flavor of pleasure serves you best at the moment and in life in general and receive it
from your own loving hands.

This practice is most effective if you approach it as a ritual or sacred initiation. Engaging with it
in this way will make the process more powerful as it will help you enter more profound states of healing. Ritual helps us access our deep nervous system where the deep healing happens.

Sensual Breath Work Practice


Yin Power


Sacred Pleasure Jade Egg Practice


The Goddess Nidra